1. a place providing food and lodging for travelers
2. a bar or restaurant
3. a dormitory for students, especially those studying law

1. an organization for promoting art, science, or the well-being of a group      
2. an educational institution, especially one concerned with technical subjects
3. an established principle or rule
4. a short intensive teaching or study program

The INNstitute At Sedona
1. all or most of the above!

We present an inspiring and uplifting vision of the future for humanity and for Planet Earth, based on an understanding of the nature of the Universe that comes from both Western wisdom and indigenous cosmology. We connect our guests with visionary ideas, thinkers and futurists from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from the scientific to the spiritual to the indigenous.

Sperry Group

The Mayan Calendar
The Hopi Prophecy
Conscious Evolution
Ideas for a Positive Future
Evolution of the Free Mind
The True Nature of the Universe
The Significance of Quantum Physics
The American Evolution
Indigenous Cosmology
Evolution of Consciousness

de Chardin, Laszlo, Thompson, Lipton, Abraham, Sheldrake, Cohen, Dowd, Aurobindo, Wilber, Schelling, Beck, Hegel, Marlow, Whitehead, Einstein, Godwin, Khan, Bergson, Chopra, Swimme, Hubbard, Berry, Emerson, Huxley, Bailey, Blavatsky, Jung, Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Steiner, Nurbhaksh, Templeton, Kurzweil, Asimov, Loye, Bloom, Bohme, Rumi, Schopenhauer, Thoreau, Black Elk, Mutwa, Heard, Murphy, Leibniz, Goethe, Kant, Ruis, Vivekananda, Lawlor, Tlakaelel, Tolle, Arguelles, etc etc etc.
Sperry Andrews leads a oneness consciouness workshop for some of our fellow explorers.
Photo: Connie Baxter Marlow

The INNstitute At Sedona is a small retreat center for individuals and groups. We accommodate visiting seekers, share important information, expand minds, and help trigger personal and planetary growth.

Yellow Flowers
We explore and promote a synthesis of diverse ideas for the future, with the idea that, perhaps, something is coming for Humanity. Something that has never previously existed. An evolutionary quantum leap?

CBM with eagle

Connie Baxter Marlow
grew up in Maine, graduated from UC Berkeley with an honors degree in Economics in 1968, and went on to raise three children in Aspen, Colorado. Connie has a unique and inspiring world-view, distilled from twenty years of interraction with visionary Native American elders, in both North America and Mexico, for whom she creates forums to share their vision of the nature of the Universe.
Visit her website:

Like her partner Andrew, Connie is an original thinker, writer, photographer, filmmaker, and inspirational public speaker.

Mandaza Healing
Co-Founder Connie Baxter Marlow
(and friend)
Zimbabwean elder Mandaza Kandemwa performs a healing.
ACB with Lion

Andrew Cameron Bailey
was born in England, and grew up in South Africa, where he studied the arts and sciences and lectured in Mathematics and Chemistry. He sailed for the United States in 1969, and settled in Santa Cruz, CA, where he became involved in the emerging consciousness movement. He later raised five children in New York, where he co-founded a non-profit
which works with the Kalahari Bushmen in southern Africa.

Our film "In Search Of The Future" premiered at the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, California, June 8th, 2007. The film opens in southern Africa, among the world's oldest people, the Kalahari bushmen. It investigates the great diversity of beliefs about human origins. It then goes on to look for evidence of an impending evolutionary quantum leap in human consciousness.
Co-Founder Andrew Cameron Bailey
(and friend)
LowerHouse in the Fall