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Sedona Shape Shifter Tours
Iala photo
Vortex Tours, Vortex Yoga and Wolf Walks with Iala. Sedona is a magical temple landscape and all those who are drawn here have a special purpose. Cross the bridge from the human heart to the Divine Heart and take your next LEAP in Life. Harness the energy of the vortexes in your body for an Ascension in your Yoga Practice.
928 274-1323

Sakina Blue-Star
History, Customs and Prophecies.
This master of local lore will introduce you to the magic and mystery of the Sedona area, and the history, customs and prophecy of the Hopi and Yavapai people who lived here for thousands of years. Hopi and petroglyph journeys can be arranged.
(928) 282-2798

Sedona Soul Adventures

Sedons Soul Adventures
Personal Spiritual Retreats.

Your Soul Adventure retreat is a series of private, one-on-one sessions with Sedona's most advanced spiritual guides, healers, intuitives, energy workers, body workers, mystics and artists.
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Sunny Heartley
Sunny Heartley
The Healing Sounds of the Native American Flute.
Spend an afternoon walking by Oak Creek, sitting and meditating to the sound of Sunny's Four Chamber flute. Learn to play the flute, perfect your playing, or take a Sound Healing Workshop. Whatever your pleasure, Sunny will create a program specially for you.

(928) 634-6237

Amalia Camateros
Stone Spirit Ceremonies
Personalized ceremonies on the land for clearings, activations and embodiment of wisdom. Awaken your inner shaman. Dance! Ground your energy with the Earth. Step into the world of embodied wisdom. Clear entanglements of the mind in a healing ceremony. Walk your path of transformation with the presence of Nature as your guide. Listen to the wisdom of the stones. Land journeys are customized to suit the needs of the individual or group.

Christi Taylor
Christi Taylor
International Fitness Trainer
Christi Taylor now resides in Arizona and continues to travel, training fitness instructors, filming fitness DVDs and network broadcasting workouts, and writing for leading fitness magazines. Spend a day with Christi in Sedona! Have you ever wanted to spend time with a fitness guru, picking her brain? There is so much to learn about health & fitness, and who better to learn from than a successful and patient fitness personality like Christi? The day belongs to you. See the sights, go shopping, work out, and dine with Christi for a day. Share your health and fitness goals and take notes as she offers you feedback that will change your life.
(928) 301-0923

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Matty Weber
Matty Weber

The Mayan Calendar and the Evolution of Consciousness. Matty presents Mayan Calendar expert Ian Lungold's approach to the Maya and their cosmology. Present day understanding may create a clarity that comes from a deeper knowledge of one's self. As Ian Lungold's partner, travel companion, and support system Matty is carrying on his message of personal and planetary transformation. View Ian's DVD "The Mayan Calendar", followed by deep discussion, with Matty's personal insights, and a personal reading from the Maya Oracle Cards.

CBM PortraitRocks.jpg
Connie Baxter Marlow

Accessing the Trust Frequency. This is the place where the soul’s destiny awaits, with more abundance, balance, freedom and joy than we can fathom. Connie has been applying the principles needed to walk in this frequency for over 20 years. We create our own reality, which means we are each responsible for the circumstances of our lives. Why not create a life of grace and ease, beauty and balance? Learn how to align with The Conscious Loving Universe. Explore how indigenous cosmology, the founding of America at Plymouth, quantum physics and the American Transcendentalists interrelate to bring Peace on Earth.
Sperry Andrews
Sperry Andrews
(928) 282-9399

The Yoga of Consciousness.
One-on-one, or as a group facilitator, Sperry loves sharing this Universe both experientially and insightfully. For over twenty years, he has explored two-way telepathic awakeness with hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals. With a background in physics, neuroscience, (para)psychology, philosophy, art and art history, healing, mysticism, and film making, he adores learning with you. As founder of the Human Connection Institute, Sperry orchestrates a large-scale, spiritually-inspired, multinational, scientifically-based, media project, designed to facilitate humanity's imminent leap into Collective Enlightenment.

Rahelio with Pipe
( 928) 282-6735

Mystic Tours
Experience the sacred mystery of the Sedona red rock country with shamanic guide Rahelio. These tours are offered as an experiential journey into the awesome beauty of Sedona's red rock country. Come and walk on the earth in a sacred way as we attune ourselves to the spiritual wisdom of indigenous peoples. Experience the presence of the Ancient Ones in the rock formations and the healing power of sacred song and drum. Learn of the earth's crystal energy grid system; Spider Woman's web - and of our relationship with places of power. Experience the earth's vortex energy and utilize it to recreate the beauty and joy in your life.

John Dumas
John Dumas

John Dumas M.S. is an artist, musician, shamanic astrologer, inspirational teacher, and pioneer in sound healing. John's background in indigenous cultures, and world travel to many sacred sites, has culminated in a rich variety of workshops and private healing sessions. Night sky teaching under the desert stars, shamanic journeys into dreamtime (an experiential interactive sound therapy that facilitates the healing of mind, body & spirit), shamanic astrology, flute and digeridoo making and playing, are among some of the many teachings that John offers.

ACB at Hip Santa CruzAndrew Cameron Bailey
Transpersonal Cosmology
Who am I? Where are we? Why is it so vital to know? Inspired since 1970 by deep work with Ralph Metzner, Stanislav Grof, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Persian Sufi poet Javad Nurbhaksh, the Kalahari Bushmen, and others, Andrew's vision of the Conscious Loving Universe liberates one from the bondage of fear. Once we fully understand the inter-connectedness of "quantum reality", that we are an inseparable, beloved part of the Conscious Loving Universe, our worldview shifts and expands. With this new information, we can make radically new choices. Paradise, now!
Stephen DeNorscia Stephen DeNorscia
(928) 282-1298

Stephen DeNorscia
As Co-Director of Sedona's Ringing Rocks Foundation, Stephen has been helping to preserve indigenous healing practices and cultural traditions around the world. He has presented, as part of the Ringing Rocks event series, several renowned shaman/medicine keepers from such diverse cultures as the Dine of New Mexico, the Lakota of South Dakota, the Shona of Zimbabwe, and the Kalaallit of Greenland, to name just a few. His work and vision focus on the elements which unite these vastly different belief systems, which hold at their core very similar concepts of love, respect for the unseen forces which bind the universe, and the ability to use states of non- ordinary reality to tap into forces which heal individuals and communities.
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